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Week of Activities to celebrate Multicultural Aged Care

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Week of Activities to celebrate Multicultural Aged Care

Here at HillView we are multicultural communities with residents and staff members from many different cultures.  Multicultural week was held at the end of July to celebrate our diversity as Multicultural Aged Care communities. During the week our residents learnt about different cultures. They also enjoyed cuisines from all over the world.

Delicious scents wafted through the halls as our HillView chefs took residents on a culinary journey through different cultures during the week.  From pasta and steamed pork buns to sushi and green tea ice-cream our residents enjoyed tastes from all over the world.  Each day was also themed with a different culture. Our chefs used their heritage to inspire the dishes they created.

Chef Lijo is picturedwith his creation Lamb Biryani. Slow cooked lamb, lightly spiced with indian flavours, cooked twice with basmati rice. Also served with a cucumber yoghurt dressing and crispy fried pappadam.

There were also themed activities including word quizzes naming different countries.  In addition our residents reminisced about their favourite holiday destinations. They  enjoyed armchair travel where there were DVD’s about different countries and dress up bingo.  Residents and staff got into the spirit of the celebrations and dressed up for the themed days.

Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the week of celebrations learning about each others cultures and sampling new foods. At Hillview we are multicultural Aged Care communities we also have many bilingual staff. To find out more about HillView communities.