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Residential Aged Care for Couples

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Residential Aged Care for Couples

It’s not something anyone wishes for; but at some point, it is likely the day will arrive when you may have to make the very difficult decision to move your parents into an aged care facility. Many people reach this decision when they realise they can no longer practically provide care for their ageing parents by themselves, even if all their siblings are sharing the load.

Whilst home care is a logical first step, and can help your parents continue to stay together in their home for as long as possible, most people will progress to a point where part-time nursing care in their own home is no longer practical, and they need to be cared for 24 hours a day by professionally trained staff. Separating your Mum and Dad with the move into an aged care facility is simply not an option many families consider. In this case, age care for couples is the only option.

Finding the right residential care community to suit their needs and comfort level is time consuming and difficult. But perhaps the biggest issue is finding an aged care facility that has the capacity to allow them to live as a couple. Most aged care facilities cater for singles, but not all offer this lifestyle, which can make it particularly tough in the search for a place.

Having said that, the move into aged care doesn’t have to mean being separated; at HillView we offer different types of couples rooms, including a Couples Studio and Couples Deluxe Suite at Merrimac and Couples Deluxe Suite at Ashmore. Our Couples Studio rooms are large enough to house two single beds plus a generous lounge space, and have one private ensuite and wardrobe. Our Couples Deluxe Suites offer couples maximum flexibility, as both beds can be placed in one room, allowing the second room to be used as a lounge. Alternatively, the couple can enjoy one room each. The suites feature 2 ensuites and two built-in wardrobes.

For more information on the different aged care room types at HillView visit room type and vacancy pages for Merrimac and Ashmore.