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From Germany to Australia; the Adventurous Life of Mechtilde

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From Germany to Australia; the Adventurous Life of Mechtilde

HillView resident Mechtilde was born in Germany as the eldest daughter of a family of 15 siblings. At a very early age Mechtilde took on the role of mothering her younger sisters and brothers during the war years.

That meant “hard work and no play”; she barely experienced pleasant childhood memories.

Her life’s relief was meeting Herbert and marrying him at the age of 21. They both decided to migrate to Australia in 1953 , and both worked on the Snowy Mountain Scheme, along with 100,000 Australian-born, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, British, Polish and Yugoslav immigrants.

Through the scheme, Mechtilde and Herbert were part of the workforce that contributed to 1,600 kilometres of roads, seven townships and over 100 camps that were built to enable construction of the 16 major dams, seven hydroelectric power stations, two pumping stations,  145 kilometres of tunnel and 80 kilometres of pipelines.

Mechtilde and Herbert had 2 children, and Machtilde now has 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.

Always doing everything together, Mechtilde and Herbert moved 18 times around Australia. Adventurous as they were they had many trips around the world, and took on many different challenges, like working on farms, cooking in kitchens, prospecting, cattle farming, travelling as well as always enjoying life.

Mum we are very proud of you, you always have time and an open ear for us. You are loving, caring and we could not have wished for a better Mum, Mother in Law, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

We love you and we wish that there be many good years ahead.


Your daughter Christine Ellen, daughter in law Christine Mary, Son in Law Arno, Grandchildren Michael, Samantha, Alexander and Peter and
Great Grandchildren Cassandra, Katarina, Peter-Joe, Matthew, Matilda, and Benjamin-Kilian.