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New Greenhouse at HillView

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New Greenhouse at HillView

Here at our HillView communities we are continually striving to enhance our residents and their loved ones living experiences. In addition to being mindful of our sustainability. HillView Care has just completed the building of a Green House to establish a growing nursery for both Merrimac & Ashmore communities.

The addition of a nursery at both of our communities is in anticipation of an exterior garden uplift over the coming 18 months. This will ensure that plants are nurtured on site before being planted throughout the communities gardens. The Green House is also wheelchair accessible giving all of our residents the opportunity to visit the greenhouse.  In addition the greenhouse will be utilised by our team of Chefs for growing herbs & vegetables to add extra freshness and flavour to our meals.

The plans involve the renovation of 2 large garden beds at HillView Merrimac and 6 beds at HillView Ashmore. With the  aim to improve resident and visitor experience at both communities by introducing more colour and texture. In addition to a variety of interesting shapes and scents into the gardens. This will be achieved by choosing plants that have a wide range of different foliage shapes and colours as well as flowers. It is hoped that this will  encourage residents, visitors and staff to explore, interact with and enjoy the gardens.

With a view to future maintenance efforts and changing climate in SEQ the planting designs will feature a large proportion of Australian native and drought tolerant species. It is anticipated that this will reduce water use. Many species are easily divided or propagated allowing plants to be moved to new areas when mature.

As much ground as possible will be covered with planting and mulching until plants are established. In addition to water conservation this should greatly reduce the amount of chemical spray needed for weed suppression. The new nursery will allow for the use of tube stock. Which are young plants less than 1 year old. Younger plants tend to establish themselves more easily and produce stronger plants when mature. It is envisaged that HillView residents will also be invloved with the planting and caring for tube stock as a part of the lifestyle program.

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