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Memory Care at HillView - New Vertical Garden

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Memory Care at HillView – New Vertical Garden

At HillView we are always looking for ways in which we can enhance our resident’s standard of living.  The memory care unit in our HillView Merrimac community has acquired an exciting new addition. A vertical garden has recently been installed.  The vertical garden has been installed within the garden deck area in the memory care unit. The garden has been put together to provide the residents with a garden of their own. . Residents are encouraged to participate with the growth of the garden, this in turn provides them with a sense of reward and ownership.

Studies have shown that gardening provides people with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease with many benefits. It enables them to feel positive emotions. This can be hard for a person with Alzheimers to achieve. By taking them back to a healthier time and assisting them with recalling long term memories, they are then able to feel these emotions. People with Alzheimers tend to become more withdrawn. As they progress through the disease they are able to retain long term memories. Participating in activities such as gardening assists them with feeling these positive emotions once again. And draws from their long term memories such as gardening.

The vertical garden is already showing to have a promising impact on the residents in the HillView memory care unit. They meet each Tuesday with a member of the lifestyle team to be guided while they pot, water and trim their plants. It also encourages residents to be physically active. In a few short weeks many of our residents have already shown a great interest in planting and maintaining the garden.  A great number already look forward to each Tuesday when a member from our lifestyle team guides them with their gardening tools.

Shirley pictured is enjoying watering some of the new plants recently potted by our residents in the memory care unit.