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HillView Chefs Bring Back Meal Enjoyment For Residents On Modified Diets

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HillView Chefs Bring Back Meal Enjoyment For Residents On Modified Diets

HillView has recently introduced food molds at both our Ashmore and Merrimac communities. This means that meals for residents on texture modified diets have more visual appeal.  We all know that a lot of enjoyment that comes from eating your meals is the visual aspect. For residents with swallowing difficulties the appearance of meals was not optimal. It may sound simple but for many residents with swallowing difficulties this small change has meant a lot.  Residents are now looking forward to meal times. This is due to an enhanced dining experience that the use of food molds has given them.

For residents on texture modified diets this means that creamy fresh potato is now piped , textured carrots look like a bunch of baby carrots and peas look like peas. Meats are now presented to resemble the actual product. This is made possible by the use of approved silicon food safe, food molds.

The HillView chefs prepare the texture modified meal as they would have previously but they then carefully fill each individual mould with the corresponding food to match. This enables the food to take on the shape of the mould and be easily recognized for what it is.  The moulds enable our residents  to enjoy their meal as they would have previously.  Their food now being served in its natural shape. The resident’s meal of peas, carrots, potato and roast beef now look as good as they taste. Importantly it provides a high level of dignity and appeal for those residents that have swallowing difficulties.

At HillView we strive to ensure our residents dining experience is the best it can be. This is why our catering team has worked so hard on ensuring that all of our residents including those with modified diets are able to get maximum enjoyment from their meals. Read more about HillView Premium Aged Care’s 5 Star Food.