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Life of love for HillView residents John & Marion

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Life of love for HillView residents John & Marion

HillView Merrimac residents John and Marion have shared over 50 years together. There are not many more equipped to pass on advice for a lasting relationship this Valentines Day. For John and Marion the key to their successful marriage is tolerance, kindness and above all being there for each other through all of life’s journeys.

Sharing time together when they first met they realised they both had a great connection and many of the same beliefs. This bond is why they fell in love and decided to Marry in a Sydney registry Office. John and Marion married on 31st July 1961, this is a day they will treasure and have fond memories of forever.

Born in Berlin Marion was very lucky to be given the opportunity to make her way to Australia as a small child. And growing up to meet John who completed her life. Upon having their 3 children, Scott, Michelle and Shelly, Marion became a stay at home Mum. Enjoying every moment raising the children and doing home duties until John arrived home from working as a top lawyer each day.

For John meeting Marion was and still is the highlight of his life. John had several units built in Manly Sydney which he says was a great investment for his family. In 2016 John and Marion moved to HillView where they have captured everybody’s hearts with their fondness, love and admiration for each other. They spend quality time together each day in the gardens of HillView where they still share many wonderful conversations together.

From their experience of 50 years of wedded bliss John and Marion’s advice to anyone about to spend their lives together is to share loyalty, love and honesty topped off with lots of tolerance with each other. John who is quite the Romantic said this advice should make for a long loving and lasting relationship and wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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