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HillView’s Resident Frequent Flyer

HillView resident Peter was born to travel, how could he not with the upbringing he has had. Being born in Manila, Philippines Islands in 1954 to swiss parents, Peter spent much of his childhood living in exotic locations throughout the world. These included Lima Peru, The Philippines and Dubendorf Switzerland.  Peter finally settled on the Gold Coast Australia. More recently he has made the community HillView Merrimac his home.

The love of travel has always been embedded deep within Peter. Even his career as a Mechanical Engineer sent him all over the world.  Peter did maintenance on or built new steam turbines used in power plants to generate electricity.  His travels included Australia and much of the world. During this time, he fell in love with Australia and its wide-open spaces. In 1986 Peter had enough of the constant travels and migrated to the Gold Coast. Peter then became a software developer and started a company with his sister contracting to a major bank in Zurich (This was during the time of the year 2000).

Peter remembers a vibrant childhood in the Philippines with a nanny each for himself and his brother and sister, many house staff and of course a pet monkey called Toto. What child doesn’t have a pet monkey! If a pet monkey wasn’t enough, growing up in Lima Peru was even more colourful.  Peter remembers the 5 of them packed into a red VW Beetle with a dog and provisions for 3 weeks.  There were trips North, South, or to the Selva or upper Amazon. Imagine bouncing along a bumpy road, car so full with bodies and supplies. Sitting in his room overlooking the Surfers Paradise skyline at HillView, Peter recalls some of the trips being quite hairy. His dad used to move his upper body forward and back as if to help the car climb the last incline over the high Andean passes.

Peter hasn’t had to let go of the life of travel, even though he has resided here at HillView since August 2012. He remains a frequent flyer with trips with his brother and sister. These include USA, Alaska, Canada, Switzerland, and Peru (where he  drove over the high Andean passes just like he did as a child). In between his trips you will find Peter at the HillView gym working hard on his mobility or spending his time on his computer utilising the Wifi at Hillview to plan his next adventure.   Peter also writes windows utilities for friends. Peter loves the lifestyle here at home at HillView Merrimac. He is an avid card player and when it is his turn to host card night he hosts the event in HillView’s private dining room. Peter enjoys all of the Extra Services HillView has to offer. Moving to HillView has enabled Peter to enjoy life as it was before he moved in, just with the added bonus of 24hr nursing care.