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HillView's New Gym

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HillView’s New Gym

At HillView we have a wide range of activities to suit our residents. With many of these activities aimed at keeping our residents mobile and active. The HillView gym has recently undergone an upgrade. The gym is located on the ground level of our Merrimac community with the classes run by our dedicated exercise therapists Vanessa and Damian.  The space is now much larger with an extension of 10sqm, enabling our residents to keep active without feeling crowded. Maureen (pictured) is enjoying some gentle exercises in the spacious environment while being support by exercise therapist Vanessa.

The increase in space has allowed easier access for our residents using wheelchairs and mobility aids. The upgrade has also included a new stereo, allowing residents to enjoy music whilst they exercise. Additionally there is new exercise equipment including a new upright stationary bicycle, different sized dumbbells (free weights) and a range of Thera-bands. This has enabled our team of dedicated exercise therapists to expand the program to include a diverse range of exercises  to suit our residents with different needs.

There is also a plan to further expand our programs and make the gym more accessible by increasing the opening hours. The gym will now be open from 10:30am to 12:00pm weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The new program will offer changes to the current classes which include the Balance & Gym Groups.  This will now include an Octaband group with gentle stretching exercises performed to music. The same classes will also be run at our Ashmore community. Our passionate exercise therapists conduct a Mobility & Exercise assessment to help identify exactly what level of activity will suit the individual. This will encourage participation and social interaction and as a result improve the residents overall well-being.