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Guide to Choosing Aged Care Gold Coast

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Guide to Choosing Aged Care Gold Coast

When considering residential aged care for yourself or a loved one it can be a very daunting concept as it can be such a life changing decision. There are many considerations to be made. As a result we have put together a guide to Residential Aged Care on the Gold Coast to help you identify how to compare Aged Care Gold Coast Communites. Most importantly this guide contains some keys points that you should consider when searching for residential aged care for yourself or your loved one.

Location When selecting a residential care home it is important to consider location. Who will the primary visitors be? Does the home need to be in a central location for everyone visiting or is location not important to you?

Care What level of care does the home cater for? Some examples are dementia care and palliative care. Is there a special memory care area?

Lifestyle Activities Does the community have a dedicated lifestyle team who organise activities and outings. Ask for a copy of the activities program as this will give you an idea of the types of activities and how often they occur.

Meal Service / Food So much enjoyment comes from mealtimes, through the socialisation and the food itself. Some things to consider: Does the home prepare the meals onsite or are they brought in and heated up? Can personal requests be catered for? Do residents have a choice of different meal options? Is there the option for residents to eat meals both in their own room and dining room?

Pets Is the residence pet friendly? Are visitors able to bring pets when visiting residents? Is there a pet therapy program in place?

Family How family friendly is the residence? Does the community have multiple communal areas for visiting loved ones? Are loved ones welcome to join family members for meals and activities? Most importantly are there set visiting times or are visitors welcome at anytime?

Book a Tour It is important to get a feel for the community and the facilities. Is this somewhere you or your loved one could be happy? The only way you will know this is to book a tour. As a result you will be able to see day to day activities, where meals are eaten etc.

Cost Does the home help you navigate the aged care system, including explaining how the costs and funding process works? It is important to do some research on the financials side of things, the best place to start is the government website My aged care  or going to your local Centrelink office or by phoning Department of Veteran Affairs.

Other Services Consider what services are provided by the home. Eg Are there visiting specialists for things like vision and hearing tests, onsite hair and beauty services, physiotherapy, gym and visiting GP’s.

When selecting an Aged Care community for yourself or your loved one it is important to book a viewing once you have made a short list as this will give you a good idea of the feel of the community.

If you would like to book a tour at either of our HillView Aged Care Gold Coast communities please click here. For more information about HillView Merrimac and HillView Ashmore.