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Food is at the Heart of HillView

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Food is at the Heart of HillView

Much enjoyment comes from food and mealtimes, no matter ones age and culture. Mealtimes are central to socialisation and are a key part to one’s day. Here at HillView we understand this which is why so much passion goes into the meals that we create for our residents. HillView chefs are always working to come up with new menu items to keep mealtimes interesting and enjoyable for our residents.

Meet our Head chef John.  John works tirelessly ensuring the meals for our residents are the best they can be.  Once every two months, John holds a food focus group where he meets with residents to discuss the meals at HillView. Residents provide feedback on current menu items and suggest additional items they would like on the menu. HillView head chef John takes this feedback very seriously and uses the feedback to make necessary changes to the menu.

It was based on this feedback that recently John and his team added two new menu items to the HillView menu. The first new menu item is aromatic Chicken Biryani.  This menu item was served to residents during the recent, Multicultural week.  The feedback from this dish was so positive that it has been added as a continuing menu item. The second new menu item is Beef Nachos. John has wanted to add Nachos to the menu at HilllView for a longtime he just needed to process the best way that chefs could serve this style of dish.

When creating new menu items John follows the standard aged care guidelines these include balance, nutrition and the correct portions of protein, starch and vegetables. All the while keeping in mind the resident’s feedback from food focus meetings. From there the dietician checks the menu. By the time the new items are served to our residents they have passed many tests ensuring residents at HillView get maximum enjoyment out of their mealtimes.

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