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Customer Review

10/10 – The Level of care and attention is excellent. All staff approach their work with a positive caring attitude.

My Mum has had respite in both Merrimac and Ashmore facilities. On both occasions our family has been very pleased with the quality of care.  After an unexpected hospital admission, Mum was placed in permanent care at Ashmore.

The day of admission was very emotional for me, but Carol and her team went out of their way to make Mum comfortable and welcome, which helped a lot.

Mum struggles to adjust to the change in her living arrangements, however the team at Ashmore didn’t give up trying to encourage her to leave her room, join activities and engage with other residents.

Their care and attention has been considerate and kind and after several weeks I’ve seen Mum settle in and her health improve.

Watching a parent age, loose their health and faculties is more difficult than I ever imagined, but the care and support of the “HillView family” has been more than I expected .

Thank you to each and everyone of the staff, you do a fantastic job and I hope you understand how valuable you all are.