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HillView's Miss Australia (1965 / 66)

31 December 2018

HillView Resident Sue is no stranger to bright lights and the click and flash of a camera having spent much of her life in the spotlight. Sue constantly graced the pages of the major newspapers such as the Sunday Mail, Melbourne Age and the Sydney Sunday Telegraph. Sue is famously...

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The HillView Holiday Season

27 November 2018

The Festive season at HillView is one not to be missed. With a jam packed calendar filled with special events and activities so you can be sure that your loved ones will get the most out of their Holiday Season. You can be assured they will return back home with...

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Food is at the Heart of HillView

16 November 2018

Much enjoyment comes from food and mealtimes, no matter ones age and culture. Mealtimes are central to socialisation and are a key part to one’s day. Here at HillView we understand this which is why so much passion goes into the meals that we create for our residents. HillView chefs...

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HillView's Ashmore Aged Care Residence Transformation

8 October 2018

Our Ashmore Aged Care Residence has undergone a beautiful transformation. The transformation includes a new alfresco area for residents and their loved ones to enjoy. Along with additional shaded areas and outdoor furnishings.  To assist with the internal transformation our Ashmore Aged Care Residence enlisted in the help of Carla...

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HillView's Man of the Land

17 September 2018

For HillView Merrimac Resident Claude the talk of drought and handing feeding stock is all too familiar. At 98 years of age the tough times of living on the land are etched into his memory. Claude was a successful Grazier at both Chinchilla and Glen Morgan, South Western Queensland. Both...

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HillView Chefs Bring Back Meal Enjoyment For Residents On Modified Diets

20 August 2018

HillView has recently introduced food molds at both our Ashmore and Merrimac communities. This means that meals for residents on texture modified diets have more visual appeal.  We all know that a lot of enjoyment that comes from eating your meals is the visual aspect. For residents with swallowing difficulties...

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Week of Activities to celebrate Multicultural Aged Care

6 August 2018

Here at HillView we are multicultural communities with residents and staff members from many different cultures.  Multicultural week was held at the end of July to celebrate our diversity as Multicultural Aged Care communities. During the week our residents learnt about different cultures. They also enjoyed cuisines from all over...

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Help Prevent Dementia with Exercise

10 July 2018

Did you know you can help prevent Dementia with exercise? Regular Physical activity is well known for improving our heart and lung health, it reduces risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and also keeps our bodies in good shape. Research shows that as well as these great benefits, exercise...

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Flu vaccine for HillView Care staff and visitors

25 June 2018

Here at HillView the safety of our residents is of utmost importance. This is why we recommend that everyone who visits our HillView community get the influenza vaccination this year. Being vaccinated will minimise the risk for all of our residents.  In addition any other friends/relatives who may visit HillView...

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Step By Step Guide to Respite Care

9 May 2018

Are you considering placing your loved one into respite care but are unsure where to start? We have created a simple step by step process to assist you with organising respite care. Respite care is short term care accommodation, usually booked for a few weeks at a time. There are...

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Memory Care at HillView - New Vertical Garden

27 April 2018

At HillView we are always looking for ways in which we can enhance our resident’s standard of living.  The memory care unit in our HillView Merrimac community has acquired an exciting new addition. A vertical garden has recently been installed.  The vertical garden has been installed within the garden deck...

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HillView’s Picturesque Rooftop Deck

27 March 2018

Here at Hillview we are always looking for ways in which we can upgrade our facilities to make life more enjoyable for our residents. The environmental services team has been working hard on refurbishing the deck area on level three at our Merrimac community. The deck area captures panoramic views...

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